Sports and communication prolong the life of 5-6 years

Leading a healthy lifestyle, men increase their life path of 6 years, females - 5, British Medical Journal publishes the results of research by Swedish scientists. For 18 years (1987 and 2005) the Swedes watched 1,8 thousand people age 75 and older. The study also took into account data on occupation wards, education, habits, social environment and activities in their free time.

For the entire study period died 92% of participants, but with half of the subjects lived more than 90 years. Interestingly, had crossed this age limit, women with higher education, leading a healthy lifestyle, had strong social ties, is actively conducting free time. The results of the work the Swedish research also showed that people who smoked, lived 1 year less than non-smokers. Moreover, this positive effect was given to the smokers, renounced his addictions already in old age.

Highlighting the variety of pastime, it was observed that the greatest impact on life extension life had physical activity. People who regularly engaged in walking, gymnastics or swimming lived two years longer than those who led a more passive lifestyle. According to RIA-Novosti, the withdrawal of Swedish scientists has become the following statistics: women and men, leading a healthy lifestyle, having an active social communication, live at 5.4 years longer than people with the opposite of the original data. Even after 85 years, subjects with chronic diseases, but not neglecting the sport and do not suffer from bad habits, lived 4 years longer than their not-so-cautious peers.

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