Pregnancy is not a contraindication for exercise. Researchers from Thomas Jefferson University in the United States has collected basic guidelines for doing sportom for pregnant women. It turned out that the preservation of activity markedly reduces the likelihood of premature birth, improves health and mother and unborn child.

A number of advantages enclosed in regular physical activity during pregnancy. Sports contribute to the production of the hormone norepinephrine that increase contractions.

Best options for pregnant women is a walk in the fresh air, the plastic exercises, swimming pool. Research proves that physical activity reduces the likelihood of miscarriage by about a third. Even active pregnant women are markedly less likely to collide with hypertension and gestational diabetes.

The intensity of training should reduce the growth of the fetus. Each step it is best to coordinate with the doctors in the antenatal clinic. In this case, the chance of having a healthy and happy child is greatly increased.

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