Sport develops memory - scientists

Everyone knows that regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle, improve health, increase muscle strength and stamina of person. As it turned out, the sport develops not only muscles, but also the memory. This was the conclusion from a group of scientists during the analysis of the mechanisms of FNDC5 protein. The connection is formed in the muscles during exercise.

Experience in laboratory mice proved that FNDC5 is not only in the muscle tissue of animals, but in their brain.

Scientists have continued the series of experiments. Mice were forced to run the day-to-five kilometers. Next level FNDC5 protein in trained group compared with the control group. It turned out that in the first group, the protein level was higher not only in muscle but also in the nervous tissue of the brain. Scientists have proven that the connection is involved in memory processes. Accordingly, athletes parts of the cerebral cortex responsible for memory, should work better. Left to conduct the appropriate research involving human subjects.

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