Spinal osteoporosis - symptoms and treatment

With age, the amount of calcium in a woman's body is rapidly decreasing and there is a disease called osteoporosis, i.e. porous, fragile bones. Have permanent or intermittent aching pain, a feeling of stiffness and limited movement of joints, thinning of the skin, changing the condition of the hair, increased brittleness of the nails and bundles, as well as fractures at the slightest impact. All are symptoms of osteoporosis. Causes a lot among them

• Age-related changes.

• Leaching of calcium.

• Decreased production of the hormone estrogen.

• Frequent delivery.

• Smoking.

• Alcohol,

• Fixed and lifestyle.

• Poor diet is monotonous, unbalanced or overeating.

• Heredity.

Osteoporosis usually affects all the bones of a man, but is most damaging to the spine - bearing organism. The intervertebral discs are compressed, and the vertebrae become very fragile and pronasida". In the man worried back pain, limited joint mobility, stiffness. A striking symptom of the disease is a frequent fractures from minor injuries. Osteoporosis of the spine can occur in young women, but it most often plagued women for 60 years, so as you gather together all the risk factors - childbirth, menopause, the lack of estrogen, a sedentary lifestyle and associated chronic diseases. Men are 4 times more rarely affected by osteoporosis, so this disease can be called female.

Treatment of osteoporosis is long and not always effective. The best method is prevention. Exercise, proper nutrition, rich in calcium and vitamins, maintaining a stable weight do not give the chance of osteoporosis. Supplementation of calcium in combination with vitamin D3, massages and sport will help in the initial stage of the disease. Modern Supplements containing not only calcium, but also vitamins, collagen and hyaluronic acid is able to maintain an optimal level of calcium. Osteoporosis caused by menopause, treat substitution therapy, which introduces the female sex hormone estrogen, preventing the leaching of calcium from the body and prevent rapid aging. Note that in the treatment of osteoporosis invalid Amateur to prescribe medications and monitor their use should only be a doctor! Excess calcium can damage not less than its lack.

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