Spinal injuries will be treated gel with stem cells

Scientists from the University of California in San Diego have developed a new method of treatment of spinal cord injuries, a new gel that is applied on the affected areas, 200 times the effectiveness of existing treatments.

Scientists have conducted experiments on laboratory mice, they artificially modeled them with spinal cord injuries and was treated with gel with neural stem cells. Adult neural cells were prepared in advance was mixed for best reproduction, growth factors, and then was applied to affected areas. The results showed that the number of reconstructed axons, which passing nerve impulses, compared with other methods of treatment was higher in the two hundred times. This discovery has surpassed all expectations of scientists, after treatment the condition of the mice in the experimental group differed from the condition of the mice in the control group. Previously, scientists were treated paralyzed due to decreased blood flow to the spinal cord in rats by injection of stem cells. Three of the nine subjects rats again started to go through six weeks of the experiment with injections, the other state has substantially improved.

Now the scientists decided to test stem cell therapy in the form of a gel, and the result was struck by scientific soobshestvo.

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