Spinach will reduce cravings for unhealthy food

Experts from the University of Lund established that regular consumption of spinach allows you to lose weight. It's all in the thylakoids, writes Science World Report. Only the study involved 38 women. They were offered every morning to start with a vegetable cocktail. One half of the composition of the cocktail was given 5 grams of the juice of spinach, the other a placebo. The experiment was "blind" and the volunteers didn't know what they were getting.

The nurses had to follow a special diet and exercise for three months. Scientists have restricted women in food intake. In the group that ate the spinach folded on average 5 kg, control group - 3.5 kg. It is noteworthy that in the first group of volunteers did not feel the craving for bad food and quickly became accustomed to healthy food, vegetable cocktails. According to scientists, spinach extract suppressed cravings 95%.

Thylakoid contribute to the formation of the human body hormones, satiety and allow you to follow the diet, forget about fatty and unhealthy food. Scientists are advised to pay attention to the spinach and add it to your daily diet.

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