Spider veins: causes and treatment

Spider veins is visible to the eye dilated capillaries of the skin, the appearance of which is associated with impaired venous circulation. They can appear on the face, legs, and stomach. The disease is quite widespread, it affects up to 25% of the adult population, but women are more likely. In more than 80% of cases, spider veins appear after birth.

The cause of distinguish capillary, venous and arterial veins. On the external manifestations are point, tree, linear and arachnids. On the nature of the treatment, this division does not affect.

On the face appear mostly linear sprocket, mainly on the nose and cheeks. Spider veins on the legs are blue and red in the form of linear, tree or spider dilated vessels.

Spider veins occur for the following reasons:

- congenital weakness of the connective tissue;

in the liver of disturbed metabolic processes;

- in the lower extremities is the stagnation of venous blood;

disturbed because of the pregnancy hormones , hormonal drugs, various diseases of the reproductive system (uterus, ovary cyst);

pathology in the cardiovascular system;

- lack of vitamin C leads to increased permeability of blood vessel walls.

Treatment of vascular asterisks carried out by the following methods:

Electrocoagulation treatment carried out using a cauterizing vessels by high frequency currents in a thin electrode.

Sclerotherapy is a method based on the bonding of the vascular bed by introducing into the lumen of the vascular asterisks of sclerosant, which leads to the exclusion of the vessel from the General flow and complete disappearance of stars in 1-2 months.

Laser fotogaleria - advanced vessel served light emission. It is heated and sealed lumen, after which the vessel is restored. The advantage of this method lies in the point of impact. The laser process, only the damaged vessel, avoiding healthy tissue.

An effective method is only for vessels, the size of which does not exceed more than 2 mm To ensure sufficient 1-2 two procedures.

Radiowave surgery is the noninvasive method of treatment, but to apply it only on small single vessels. On the vascular asterisk impact contactless radio waves of high frequency. The treatment is pain, swelling and the appearance of the scar.

Ozone therapy in the vessel are made of injection oxygen mixture containing a high concentration of ozone. In the biochemical oxidation processes in cells of the fibrous damaged vessel.

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It is important to remember, removing spider veins, not solved the problem , usually dilated capillaries are manifestations of internal diseases and it is necessary to exclude their presence.

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