Spices can reduce the amount of salt

Everyone knows the terrible saying: "salt - white death". Indeed, a large number of salt has the most negative impact on human health, especially if they have concomitant diseases of the heart, liver, kidneys and blood vessels. Scientists have proposed to use far more spices instead of salt. So you can painlessly reduce consumption and increase health outcomes.

The scientists have confirmed the effectiveness of the method in the experiment, with 55 volunteers. In the first stage, the participants proposed to reduce salt intake for 4 weeks. Next, half of the volunteers had to replace salt, various spices, and the other to cope with his addiction, writes The Daily Mail.

It is important to note that more than half of the volunteers suffered from arterial hypertension. Another 20% of diagnosed diabetes and obesity varying degrees. In the first phase of the experiment, the salt intake was reduced on average by half (3,4 gr. to 1.6 g.). In the second phase of salt intake, alas, was increased in both groups, but the people who sided with the active use of spices, consume about 1 gram of salt less.

It should be noted that special recipes for the replacement of the specific salt spices there. Effectively manifest itself absolutely all the spices, in the experiment, all depended on the person and their taste preferences. Scientists believe that the experience gained will help to reduce the incidence of arterial hypertension and other diseases associated with poor diet.

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