Spermlover: share of donor sperm banks

In Seattle the action starts, during which the street will drive bikes in the shape of a giant sperm. Inside the sperm will be freezer for storage of donor sperm, 10-foot bike weighs more than 50 pounds. The driver of the bike will run between the nearest clinics family planning.

The bike is pretty aggressive marketing move one of the Seattle sperm Bank, also known as the European sperm Bank in the United States. Identical bikes will also appear on the streets of Copenhagen, where there is a branch of the Bank. The Bank hopes that the bike will generate a wave of interest in the donor sperm as a step in family planning.

Donor banks are faced with the fact that the quality of the material now hard to find. From the entire range applied in the Bank 18-39 year old men after tests only about 5 percent of donors after the analysis of the genetic history of their families and the blood remains even less people.

Action spermogonia akin to the action of promoting breast-feeding in Pittsburgh, when the truck driving through the city was a big chest, showing that breastfeeding in public places is a natural thing.

Bicyclists note that people react to their vehicles diametrically - some were shocked, others openly rejoiced. Of course, all the head off, when the street was driving a giant sperm.

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