Sperm quality is rapidly declining due to the peculiarities of modern life

According to The Independent, examining the quality of semen and sperm count of the average person, the researchers concluded that reproductive health is deteriorating. According to the analysis of 26 thousand for the period 1989-2005, there has been a reduction by one third in the number of sperm with approximately the same reduction in the number of healthy sperm.

It is installed on sperm samples taken from the women's partners had the problem of the fallopian tube. It was assumed that the apparent deviations in men missing. At the same time, there was a decrease of 1.9% concentration of sperm per milliliter: if in 1989, this figure amounted to 73,6 million, in 2005 fell to 49.9.

This is due to environmental factors: from uncomfortable underwear to toxins. And apparently, the situation continues to deteriorate. Despite the fact that research conducted by the French Institute for public health experts believe that the conclusions applicable to the whole world.

Meanwhile, in 30 years there has been a twofold increase in the incidence of cancer of the testicles. Cases and other disorders like undescended testicles. According to the Professor of reproductive science, University of Edinburgh Richard Sharpe, the exact reasons why quality decreases reproductive function, could not be determined. Apparently, it is connected mainly with fatty foods and toxic compounds around us.

Here are some experts ' advice to increase sperm count:

1. Wear loose underwear - for the production of healthy sperm, the temperature of the testicles should be below body temperature.

2. Eat foods low in saturated fats.

3. Avoid Smoking, alcohol, drugs and obesity.

4. Reduce the effects of industrial chemicals used in the production of plastics - they mimic the female hormone, counteracting male hormones.

5. Protect yourself by contact with a pregnant woman - there are cases reduce the number of sperm that are associated with processes that occur in the womb.

6. Beware of antidepressants sometimes they reduce the number of sperm.

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