Sperm donors must cease to be anonymous

In the scientific community, the U.S. and Sweden appeared a discussion on how should a sperm donation be regulated by the state. The discussion arose after the report, which stated that from a single donor sperm could be born 150 children, which means the distribution is likely affected gene or marriages between relatives.

In the USA there is no specific law concerning the donation of sperm, although the American Society for Reproductive Medicine recommends no more than 25 of conception from a single donor for 800 000 inhabitants. Moreover, more and more people on the site when donor clinics are looking for other parents of children, to ensure that brothers and sisters will not enter into an intimate relationship.

Couples are given limited information about the donor - height, weight, eye color, skin and hair, may also be provided with information about the biography of the donor.

However, over the years, the tendency to refer to non-anonymous sperm banks stronger, because the grown children want to know who their biological father, and not only its parameters. This led to the fact that some sperm banks are now working only with non-anonymous donors, which is driven primarily altruism.

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However, while most of the donated sperm anonymously and would continue to meet with offspring, so the Bank must assume additional responsibilities for privacy. This state of Affairs on the reproductive market led to a sharp deficit of the non-anonymous donors, which would allow families to receive full information. At the moment, law and social protection such donors are not developed.

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