Specialists of the Institute of nutrition of Russian Academy of Sciences advised on how to lose weight

Specialists of the Scientific-research Institute of nutrition of the Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation strongly advise citizens not to use radical and harmful methods of weight loss and dieting in order to lose weight gained over the holidays. In their opinion, the extra weight can easily be reset using fasting days, when a person eats only apples and yogurt, not forgetting the daily half-hour walk in the fresh air.

The normal function of the gastrointestinal tract which was broken lots of Christmas feasts will recover on their own, if people go to a fractional power.

Physician-gastroenterologist, K. M. N. Leila Baltacheeva advises after the holidays to eat small portions 5 times a day. At the same time, it is necessary to exclude from the daily diet fats, pickles, meats, spices - all products that violate motor and secretory function of the digestive organs.

In that case, if the function of the stomach and intestines in good condition, no further measures for cleaning the body from toxins to undertake it is not necessary.

Leading research fellow of the same Institute Professor Martincic also advised Russians not to use different hard forms of diets to return to normal after a series of holidays.

According to the Professor, a few days of discharge, choice of Apple or kefir will help the body to return to its customary channel. Like his colleague, Martincic advised to refrain from eating fatty and high-calorie foods and drinks, such as milk with a high fat content, and the body will be purified and discharged independently.

But these tips are concerned primarily with healthy people, negotiated doctor Baltacheeva. Today, "fasting" is indicated even in patients in extremely rare cases. For example, for patients with acute pancreatitis as prescribed by a physician appointed a special method of eating and diet, which allows not to use the pancreas in the digestive process, thereby allowing it to relax. In all other cases, the "fasting" for people with stomach problems and digestive tract is contraindicated.

The most important thing for the human body is a rhythm in the digestive system, and unwanted and extra pounds will disappear. One has only to keep under strict control the amount of calories that enter the body, and the need to expend energy.

Therefore, Ruzanna Eganyan, dietitian research center for preventive medicine of the Ministry of health, advises together with unloading days and fractional system power supply, be sure to do your daily walks in the fresh air and, if possible, to be active during the day.

And this should be done daily. For example, if the window is good weather, it is best to get to the bus stop or metro station on foot, in an apartment or workplace to climb also on foot, ignoring the Elevator. In that case, if it is impossible to organize daily walks in the Park or the gym, the daily schedule should be built in such a way that half an hour was given to it is Hiking, no matter in which direction, whether the way home from work or shopping.

In that case, if the person has a sufficient amount of time, that time in Jogging, swimming, dancing, fitness should not be less than 150 minutes per week - this collective opinion of the specialists of the research Institute of nutrition of the Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation.

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