Specialists in the verge of victory over vitiligo and gray hair

With the opening of scientists from new York University people will soon forget about graying hair and vitiligo. The team has identified the cellular signals responsible for hair and skin colour. On the results and progress of the work done, says the Internet edition UPI.com.

Vitiligo is relatively common in people. According to who, this deviation is, every hundredth inhabitant of the planet. The big problems with health vitiligo can not be held, however the cosmetic effect (lack of pigment in a separate area of the skin) is quite significant. With gray hair faced by almost every person, when this happens, only a matter of time.

Discovery scientists from the United States can decide on the treatment of vitiligo. We note that recently an international team of researchers found a number of genes that determine the structure, length and thickness of hair. There is even a separate structure that affect the rate of formation of gray hair.

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