Experts from the Massachusetts Institute of technology created the world's first cancer patch. It consists of a hydrogel, it is easy to use. The main purpose of the patch is to prevent the spread of tumor cells throughout the body and the formation of metastases. It is enough to place a bandage in the area of the main tumor before surgery or after it. The results of applying the method tells the publication Gizmag.

Inside the patch are microscopic rods with a chemotherapeutic agent. When heated, the rods release a portion of the drug is the antitumor effect of tissue located near the primary tumor.

In the patch included nanospheres of gold. They are responsible for the quality of RNA therapy in the hearth. This treatment reduces the activity of genes in colorectal cancer.

The main advantage of the patch is in a variety of options for its use. You can place the device in the zone of location of the tumor prior to its surgical removal or in the intestine.

While there is data on the effective application of the patch on animals with colon cancer. Experiments with participation of volunteers from a number of people have not yet been done.

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