Special mesh protects against malaria mosquitoes with the help of electric current

Development created for residents of countries with a high incidence of malaria. The disease is severe, and fighting it hard. Special mosquito net scientists coated by electrostatic layer. This approach is more effective, not one mosquito through the electric barrier Wade can't, writes the BBC.

Standard mosquito nets coated with insecticide, chemical compounds against insects. Similar tools are available in the form of sprays and creams. On meshes such development works poorly, and the mosquitoes rapidly develop resistance.

In the new grid insecticide deposited on the electrostatic layer. Initially the technology was used for trapping pollen in the air. Chemical substance if it became more active and resistant to weather conditions. Upon contact with mosquito nets that were killed in 100% of cases. Give other data: typical spray only cope with 10% insects.

Development, experts say, will reduce the incidence of malaria in epidemica areas and will save many lives. Every year malaria infected up to 300 million people, of which 750 thousand die from the disease.

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