Special massager for eyes bloatware affect vision

The higher the level of civilization, the less the person experiences physical activity. This eye strain is increasing. To look into the distance already practically is not necessary, except on arm's length (the monitor screen) or closer (mobile phone display). Your eye muscles have to strain to distort the lens for near vision. Over time, the translation look into the distance muscles cannot relax, the resulting image is still fuzzy and blurry, which is a sign of myopia.

It is observed that every year people with 100% vision becomes less. And in the most economically developed countries, as, for example, in Japan, almost 95% of the population is nearsighted. There many children myopia is not already acquired and congenital. That is, the eyes are the first to react to the changing lifestyle of man and mutated in the right direction.

But eye strain, especially when working on a computer, cause not only myopia. Deteriorate the blood circulation of the eye muscles and surrounding tissue, which can lead to eye disease. Furthermore, tired eyes expressionless and dull and does not adorn the exterior. Even the most expensive cosmetics are not able to correct this deficiency. Burying vasoconstrictor drugs can only worsen the situation, especially because they are a short time.

Truly effective help to the eyes can have a massage. And the most effective shiatsu massage. This type of massage involves tapping with the fingertips on specific areas around the eyes. You can do this yourself at any time - several times a day for 2-3 minutes and the eye returns to its former beauty, freshness and Shine. But despite the seeming simplicity, to master the techniques of shiatsu is not so easy, and enjoy a professional massage therapist can not everyone.

Will help relax the eyes, improve blood circulation and to remove the special circles eye massager, silicone pads and fingers which work even better than the fingers of the masseur. And especially advanced models, in addition to mechanical impact creates a magnetic field around that are beneficial for eyesight, blood circulation and brain activity. There are glasses-tumblers with embedded heating elements and mini-compressors, which normalize intraocular pressure is due to lymphatic drainage massage. To do eye massage using special massage points helpful and pleasant. This is a great relaxation during the working day. Specific contraindications for the use of such points there, except during exacerbations of chronic diseases, acute infections, and hypotension.

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