Special gadget will go into service nurses

Medicine is constantly evolving, what motivates engineers to develop new technical devices. The quality of medical care to a certain extent depends on the experience of the nursing staff. A new device developed Evena Medical together with Epson, will help nurses to find a vein for intravenous infusion. Doctors and nurses sometimes are faced with problematic patients in whom it is extremely difficult to find a vein. Glasses, something reminiscent of the famous Google Glass allows better approach to common medical manipulations, writes The Daily Mail. The device allows a better view of veins which lie underneath the skin is deeper.

The system of The Eyes-On Glasses System was designed specifically for nurses. Especially useful this device will be for the novice medical staff who do not have time to gain experience. The device will help in finding the right vein, which is sometimes quite difficult to do. In the nurse makes more than one puncture, spends extra syringes and time, reduces the loyalty of the patient.

The device projects the location of veins and vessels on special display, built-in glasses, which helps the nurse to do his work. In addition, the Eyes-On Glasses System gives you the ability to save camera images and send them wirelessly.

Especially for the development of the company Epson has provided glasses with displays BT-100. The high-resolution screen has a maximum necessary information. The device is powered and works with a special attachment, which contains a capacious battery and the computer, and belt loops. Recent studies show that nurses often need more than one attempt to take the patient's venous blood or to make an infusion. Scientists plan the launch of new products by the beginning of 2014.

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