Special fillings will help to cure tooth decay once and for all

New material for seals is practically eternal and allows you to cure carious tooth forever. Modern filling means though and durable, but susceptible to gradual degradation. In the result, sooner or later the filling falls out, cracks, it is necessary to change to a new one. Now in the field of dentistry, an article appeared with a lifetime shelf life, writes The Daily Mail.

The creators talk about the unique properties of the material. He, like other seals, prevents the development of caries. Thus the seal contributes to the regeneration of the tooth caused by bacteria.

Preliminary studies show that the seal installation of the new sample contributes to the mineralization of the tooth and self-regeneration. With all of this is the risk of loss or resolution of such seals is reduced to zero.

The composition of the material along with the traditional fillings compounds included bioactive glass composites containing fluorine, phosphoric acid salts and calcium. The chemicals are gradually released from the fillings and enter the tissue of the tooth, strengthening it from the inside.

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