NIMULID able to cure prostate cancer. The substance contained in It tree that grows in Pakistan, Myanmar, India and Bangladesh. Study proves effectiveness of found molecules in the fight against male cancer. This is evidenced by the results obtained by scientists from the National University of Singapore. Other details and progress of work writes the Hindustan Times.

Within 12 weeks after the introduction of nimbolide tumor of the prostate in volunteers decreased. Moreover, the drug in 50% of cases affected the metastasis of cancer. According to preliminary information, nybolig reduces the activity of the STAT3 gene. This structure is responsible for the development of metastasis and tumor process as a whole, writes The Hindustan Times.

Prostate cancer is one of the most common diseases in men. To date, this type of cancer is treated with special drugs, radiation therapy, and surgical interventions. However, complete cure in this disease is very difficult to achieve.

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