Special diet eliminates elements of Alzheimer's disease

A nutritious diet, which consists mainly of foods that are high in fat and low in carbohydrates, improves the course of Alzheimer's disease. The above diet has already helped rodents, reports News Fix. Earlier studies have already established that full fat foods can cause the development of the mentioned diseases. This is due to blocking of the arteries and blood vessels, which has, in turn, a negative impact on the brain. Scientists from the University of Colorado refute the results of early trials, citing as example, they carried out experiments on mice.

Professionals for a long time watched a few rodents that were similar to Alzheimer's condition. It turns out that the diet that contains little carbohydrate and high in fat, reduces beta-amyloid deposits in the brain. It should be noted that these deposits are often associated with Alzheimer's disease.

Scientists have determined the obtained results as follows: in this case, we used insulin and related growth factor. During this diet insulin breaks down amyloid deposits, and reducing the amount of carbohydrates allowed insulin to prove themselves quite effectively. Held earlier scientific work was considered fat diet, which was rich in carbohydrates. That is why experienced the opposite effect.

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