Special children's meals will be a full replacement for breast milk

Development of Abbott, from the creators, is able to help women with problems in breastfeeding the child to resolve the issue a quality replacement for mother's milk. The Daily Mail notes that the artificial mixture strengthens the immune system and gives a growing body all the necessary nutrients. Moreover, the product reduces the risk of eczema and obesity in the child, promotes the formation of the correct biome in the gut.

The first experiments showed that the artificial mixture in the gastrointestinal tract of a baby triggers the body's immune response. The same reaction is observed in the use of breast milk. Another mixture contains oligosaccharides. This type of carbohydrates is not digested by the kids, but this group of compounds affects the immune system and protects the child from Escherichia coli and other infections.

The fact that the intestinal microflora of the child and the adult are very different. In young children is dominated by bacteria B. Infantis. This source of energy uses oligosaccharides. A sufficient population of these bacteria gives pathogenic flora to gain a foothold in the intestine and begin multiplying.

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