Special bracelet will tell you when to stop tanning

Special bracelet should appear on the market in may. Accessory tells a man that increases the risk of sunburn. This will allow you to sunbathe with benefit and protect yourself from sun injury. The sun is very useful for human body, it promotes the synthesis of vitamin D, but excessive UV radiation is a cause of skin cancer and burns.

Consistent use of sunscreens reduces the formation of vitamin D and can lead to its deficiency. The sensor on the bracelet monitors the overabundance or lack of sunlight, writes New Scientist.

For the correct operation of the device it is necessary to define a measure of the sensitivity of the skin. When excess radiation bracelet starts blinking LEDs. It is particularly important that the bracelet is fully adapted for active rest: it is waterproof and protected from dust and moisture. Preliminary price will be about $ 50.

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In the future, the developers plan to release a version of the bracelet that connects to the phone via Bluetooth.

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