Speak the truth and you will be healthy!

If you want to significantly improve their health, stop lying. This is the conclusion of researchers from the American University of Notre Dame.

In order to understand how the truth can improve health, Anita Kelly, together with colleagues 10 weeks tested 110 subjects in the experiment called "the Science of truth".

The volunteers were divided into 2 groups. In the first group, participants were forbidden to speak the truth, another group of subjects could behave as usual. Each week, the participants came to the laboratory, so that researchers can evaluate their health status and test using a lie detector degree of misinformation issued for the truth for this time period.

Laboratory analysis showed that improving health is directly related to the decline of lies. Volunteers who tried less to deceive, noted that they became more relaxed, they disappeared headaches and irritation of the throat. However, even in the group In those subjects who deliberately restricted myself in everyday lies, also began to feel better, compared to other participants in the control group.

Scientists stressed that people are not using false excuses for things (such as why he was late for work, had not complied with the current job), not exaggerating your achievements or talents, it is easier to build personal relationships and to establish contacts in the society.

All participants of the experiment "Science of truth" was pleased with his "straight life", they did not even know that lying is not only complicates their lives, but also affects the health.

According to the Washington scholars from Seattle who conducted experiments in the Mayo clinic in Rochester, sometimes a lie can not only impair physical and mental health, but to be truly deadly occupation. This is particularly the case when the lie is applied on reception at the doctor, where should truthfully talk about the symptoms and the way of life of the patient.

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