"Sparrow hills" may disappear rare plants

This week met acting head of the Department of natural resources and environmental protection for the city of Moscow with activists of the city on the issue of accession "Sparrow hills" to the Park to them. M. Gorky. In the General discussion it was found that during the harvesting on slopes periodically mowed down plants, which are recorded in the red book. The kulbachevsky assured the citizens that the destruction of rare plant species on the Sparrow hills is stopped, and to help preserve species will be selected for control by the workers of the Department.

Specially for this purpose will be allocated eight employees of the Department of the city of Moscow, which will monitor the state of the grass in the reserve and compliance with environmental legislation. Representatives of the Department will carry out continuous monitoring, and alert the authorities about what is happening on the reserve. To do this, they will be entitled to put its veto to carry out work without official permission.

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Prior to that, the press service of the Department announced that transmits to the gratuitous use of the Central Park of culture and leisure. Gorky several parcels adjacent to its territory.

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