Spanish scientists working on a drug that extends life up to 135 years

The new "elixir of youth is not eternal life, but is able to significantly increase their life expectancy. A new drug from Spanish scientists are able to give the person a few extra decades of a happy life. While the experiments are conducted on laboratory animals, in rats, life expectancy has increased by 65%.

The basis of the drug — protein that regulates the formation of stem cells in a living organism, writes Nature Cell Biology. Blocking certain mechanisms can significantly increase the lifespan. Stem cell experts say, are one of the layers of eternal youth of the body.

Scientists plan to reach the testing of the drug on volunteers from among the people. "We believe that mouse is a good model for conducting analogies with man in relation to this pathology, theoretically, our findings may provide the basis for clinical trials," comments obtained in experiments the results of Fernando Gracia, head of the research group.

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