Spanish scientists have invented a device that controls the level of stress

On the eve of the Spanish scientists said the public about the discovery in the field of medical technology. A device capable of measuring the level of stress and prevent its development. The stress, the researchers note, is extremely detrimental factor. In conjunction with other pathologies it inevitably leads to diseases not only nervous, and other systems.

The device fixes the incoming signals (pulse, the electrical conductivity of the skin. Further information is processed, and the device gives a conclusion about the health of the person. This allows you to control your stress background and to prevent excessive psychological stress.

Scientists lay on the opening of great expectations and believe that the range of its application is rather wide. To start the apparatus optimize for drivers, so they know when you should not get behind the wheel, after all the excitement or fatigue can create a dangerous situation on the road.

In addition, the device will be useful for office workers and people whose work is connected with a constant voltage. "Stressor will tell you when to pause and switch to another thing.

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