Spanish scientists have found causes of child crying

Many have a small child my parents always wanted to know what was the cause of crying and sobbing their beloved child. It turns out, you can find it pretty easy - you just need to look a child's eyes. A similar technique definition developed by Spanish scientists from the University of Valencia.

They classified the child crying for the following reasons. So, if the child is crying, keep your eyes open, it means that he is either angry or scared. And when the crying he closes his eyes, it means that he's hurt.

In addition, it is necessary to monitor the dynamics of the sounds of crying. Angry kid crying his eyes out, but then it becomes less loud and gradually declining, while not subsided at all. But if the kid somewhere is sick, or he's afraid that, on the contrary, his crying will be quite protracted and gradually grow.

It is similar to the conclusions reached by scientists from Spain, after he had watched the 20 kids in the age group from 3 to 18 months. The scientists also observed the reaction of their parents. Here it appeared that mothers better understand what the child is crying because of pain than for any other reason. Details of this study are published in the journal Spanish Journal of Psychology.

According to study author Dr. Mariano Holes, weeping for a child - this is the only way to Express their negative emotions, and depending on the facial expressions of the child, as well as the intensity of his crying, you can set the approximate cause.

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