Spanish scientists have created the world's first sausage with probiotics

The market of probiotics in most countries presents special preparations and dairy products with the addition of beneficial bacteria. Spanish scientists have gone further and made sausages with bacteria-probiotics, writes The basis for the development went flora children's feces, which makes sausages in a product that promotes weight loss.

Scientists have shown that probiotics are involved in the process of losing weight and help burn fat. In addition, the medications with probiotics improves mood, helps from depression and increases the overall resistance of the organism to a pathogenic bacteria.

Sausage is a full - fledged alternative to popular dairy products. It is known that the majority of the useful bacteria are killed in the stomach, however, to overcome this drawback, scientists have decided to address fecal masses of children. The sum was taken 43 fecal newborn children for the manufacture of sausages chirozo

Preliminary analysis proved the preservation of taste and its nutritional properties. Perhaps sausages really will enjoy success, however, in stores in the near future such delicacies we will not see.

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