SpaceX has revealed the name of the first space tourist

According to a statement by Elon musk, head of SpaceX, the first tourist went to space travel around the moon, will be Yusaku of Maezawa billionaire from Japan. Forbes estimates the state of Maezawa, the founder of Japan's largest online clothing store Zozotown, almost $ 3 billion.

According to the space tourist, the advance payment for the flight is made, but the exact price of the trip around the moon, the billionaire refused to call. We only know that this amount is "significant", and the money will be spent on the development of Big Falcon Rocket.

It is planned that Yusaku of Maezawa will hold in space for about a week, and the trajectory will take place in the 201 kilometer from the moon. The statement was published by SpaceX on Twitter.

The announcement of the choice of the lucky winner, who will be able to make the first ever flight as a space tourist, it was announced on September 14. The main idea pursued by the leadership of SpaceX is to empower humanity in the study of space through the promotion of interplanetary tourism.

According to the company, in the history of space exploration on the moon was able to visit only 24 people, the last of whom were members of the expedition "Apollo" in 1972. Wanting to remedy this situation, the company SpaceX in early 2017 and decided to organize a commercial trip around the natural satellite of the Earth.

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