Soy does not protect against stomach cancer

Similar to the estrogen components, which are full of rich soy food, often associated with reduced risk of getting cancer. However, a new study conducted in Japan showed that stomach cancer, this effect does not apply.The study was aimed to trace the action of isoflavones, also known as phytoestrogens. These substances were found in soy and some other products, such as salt. Japanese researchers found no difference in the risk of Contracting stomach cancer for those whose diet is rich in these substances, and those who almost never ate them for food.Azusa Hara and her colleagues from the National Cancer Center in Tokyo has studied the data of 85 000 people in his study. They evaluated the amount of isoflavones consumed in food research participants, with the help of a special survey conducted in 1990. Until 2006 they tracked, one of the respondents had developed stomach cancer.During the period of the study, approximately 1 in 250 people suffering from stomach cancer, but the statistics showed that the probability of the disease is not related to the amount of intake of phytoestrogens.Scientists explain the results of the study that the risk of developing gastric cancer is associated with other factors. In particular, it is much more likely to develop in men and in women only after menopause.

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