Sources of vitamin D for your body

Recently, doctors advise their patients to consume more vitamin D, many patients, in turn, believe that the easiest method thereof - tanning in the summer sun. However, experts from the Cancer Center Anderson at the University of Texas warning: excessive exposure to the sun greatly increases the likelihood of skin cancer. Ultraviolet rays really help the human body to produce vitamin D, but you should limit your stay in the sun. On a hot day time sunbathing should be reduced to 15 minutes. This time is not enough to fill the needs for vitamin D.

Where to find the source of this vitamin, which makes our bones strong, strengthens our immune system, helps fight bacteria and prevents the development of cancer? Dr. Susan Chung gives a few simple tips to lack of vitamin D:

First, often eat fish. In one serving of salmon contains 447 IU of vitamin D, mackerel - 388 IU, tuna - 154 IU.

Secondly, drink milk, one Cup of low-fat milk enriched with vitamins 115 - 124 IU the necessary vitamin.

Third, bring in your special diet fortified cereals, in addition to 40 IU of vitamin D per serving, your body will get many more useful items.

Needs Vitamin D to grow with age, if the child needs only 400 IU of vitamin a per day, from year to 70 years old man should consume at least 600 IU, and after 70 and 800 IU.

My favorite form of spending weekends in the summer the Russians - vacation at the cottage, but there was to expose themselves and their loved ones unnecessary risk of sun exposure, reassuring themselves that so your body gets the vitamins. Just drink a glass of milk and cook the fish for dinner - it will bring much more benefit to your body.

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