Sore throat

Any discomfort when swallowing is a cause for concern. This can be a signal of some pathological conditions, as related to the throat, and not related.

Therefore, all the pain in the throat, can be divided into two categories, which allows well-versed in the treatment.

1. Sore throat associated with infectious agents. These are different viruses and bacteria. With the defeat of bacteria, most often the pain is quite intense, worse when swallowing. In severe cases, the person cannot swallow, and sometimes suffocating. Also there is a General weakness, high fever. Here in the first place the necessary antibiotics and rinse. Preferably, the liquid, for these purposes was emoction, i.e. could draw the matter. This is good water-salt solution. You can also add soda. It is used at least 1 times in two hours and better every hour. While swallowing it it is not desirable. The good effect gives a local antiseptic preparations.

Antibiotics are prescribed only by a doctor. Now the drugs of first choice are the so-called protected penicillins (Amoxiclav, amosin) and cephalosporins (Ceftriaxone, cefuroxime, and others).

Sore throat caused by viruses, they have less intensity and often don't have a high temperature. But, in many cases, there is a cough (see medication cough). Here are only suitable antiviral drugs and antiseptics. The last widely represented in the form of sprays (Inhalt, hexanal, stopengine) Also has a positive role of various mitigating candies and mints, but only as a means for adjuvant therapy.

2. Pain infectious nature. This includes the various States which are only linked by the body itself.

Pain and dryness in the mouth, caused by the aggressive action of gastric juice on the oropharynx. This is especially true at night, in individuals predisposed to reflux diseases of the esophagus. That is, when there is relaxation of the lower esophageal sphincter and stomach contents thrown into the esophagus and up.

To prevent such conditions, it is necessary to treat reflux disease, and follow simple rules. The last meal should be no later than 2 hours before bedtime, the head end of the bed preferably somewhat raise.

It is often stated dryness and sore throat in the morning in relatively healthy people. Most often it is connected with the mouth open during sleep, dry air in the room, Smoking. Then, the most effective is the humidifier, drinking more fluids.

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