Soothing drugs increase the risk of death - scientists

Scientists from the University of Warwick have found interesting and disturbing fact in relation to drugs against insomnia and anxiety, reports The Times of India. It was found that taking sedatives increases the risk of death almost in half.

Doctors agree that to appoint and to take these medications very carefully. To prefer is a proven means. Professor Scott Weich sure sedatives effective in its niche, but often they cause dependence and addiction. In many ways the drugs against anxiety - symptomatic remedy. It is necessary to minimize the deadline and to remove the cause of anxiety and stress. Today especially effective is cognitive behavioral therapy, which is not related to the medication.

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In this case, the patient will not experience the risk of drug dependence, side effects. Scientists have proven the danger of drugs, by examining the effects of pharmacological group on people of different age, social status, with bad habits and without. No doubt - take antidepressants and hypnotics should carefully and strictly on the evidence.

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