Soon to be invented cure for insomnia

Dr. Subimal Datta and his colleagues at Boston University say, the cure for insomnia will soon be invented due to the fact that they have identified a hormone that plays a key role in sleep and wakefulness.

Datta and colleagues found that the enzyme of brain calcium kinase, is associated with sleep when it's too little brain falls asleep, too much and people can't sleep.

They found that giving rats a drug that stops the production of the enzyme, they reduce the amount of sleep an animal.

Sleep is one of the most mysterious regular shifts in consciousness, creating a delicate balance between biological processes, environment and behavior, but the mechanisms involved in the regulation of sleep is still not fully understood.

The ultimate goal of the study is to deepen understanding of how sleep is regulated at the cellular level, which can lead to finding the causes and treatments for various sleep disorders.

Lack of sleep leads to many health problems, from heart disease to memory loss and diabetes. Experts say that loss of sleep can have devastating effects on relationships, when the spouses have to sleep in different beds.

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