Soon it will be possible to replace the old kidneys and liver to new

Italian experts were able in the laboratory to grow kidney and transplant them to mice. The results revealed the proper operation of new tissues of the kidneys, with which is associated the hope of reducing the waiting list for transplantation.

Christodulus Xinaris from the Institute of pharmacology at the Mario Negri managed to get a kidney using embryonic stem cells of rodents. This was preceded by the establishment of organelle consisting of nephrons, which are the key parts of the kidneys.

Then organelles were soaked in a solution with a content endothelial growth factor vascular. Thanks to this we have grown blood vessels. This phase culminated with the receiving formations, transplanted into the kidney of mice, which also introduced a growth factor. This resulted in the glomeruli of where it was contacting the blood with the nephrons, which made possible the clearing.

Checking the effectiveness of the new kidney was performed by introducing into the organism of animals marked albumen proteins. Observed normal filtration of proteins from the blood artificially grown kidneys as these.

The result was the receipt of a fully functioning renal tissue from individual cells. Further, the scientists will work to attach kidney channels to the bladder. Also in their plans - growing liver.

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