Soon it will be possible to observe the August Starfall

In a short time, namely, tomorrow, August 13, everyone will be able to see the August Starfall is a great show, made by nature. In the near future Starfall will approach its maximum.

It will be good to see the flow of the Perseid meteors, reports NTV, referring to scientists-astronomers. The August night sky will be all intersecting bright lights.

Not so lucky residents of large cities there to enjoy the spectacle in full will be harder. Astronomer recommend to get away from the city lights far away, to nature, to fully plunge into such an exciting spectacle.

The flux of meteorites to the Perseids is one of the parts of the tail of the swift-tuttle, the constellation of Perseus. The earth gets into it in August. In 2013 its maximum meteor stream reaches 13 August: the meteor shower will be visible all night, and in all its glory.

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