Soon humanity will be able to defeat HIV

The UN in its report says that the number of HIV-infected has decreased markedly in recent times, writes the BBC. In 2005, the mortality rate stood at $ 2.3 million deaths per year, whereas in 2012 to 1.6 million. Compared with the 2001 figure novoinficiranih decreased by one third and 2.3 million people.

The improvement is particularly noticeable among children. In 2001, such cases were about 500 thousand. By 2012, the number of such children has halved. Scientists are confident that all matter availability in the modern world anti-viruses group of retroviruses. Without adequate treatment of HIV becomes AIDS. As a result the person becomes infectious and dies.

Scholars have noted the increased availability of funds for developing countries of Africa and Asia. Uganda, India, South Africa gained access to therapy. Association UNAIDS believes that the epidemic spread of HIV can be completely extinct by 2015 and be turned back. However, scientists have noted that antisocial people, drug users may not receive adequate support, which makes them the main group at risk of infection.

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