Some smokers to quit Smoking will only stroke

Smokers often refuse cigarettes only after a stroke, this is often not a conscious reasons, just the area of the brain that processes the pleasure of Smoking, is invalid.

Study Spanish scientists have shown that Smoking after a stroke can affect not only psychological but also physiological factors. 110 stroke patients, smokers at the time of stroke was observed during the year in clinics. 76 of them stopped Smoking immediately after acute circulatory disorders, however, after a year-only 44 percent. Those who have received serious damage to the insular cortex, two times less likely to have returned to Smoking.

It also emerged that rarely came back to cigarettes those patients who have decided to quit Smoking prior to the stroke, a third of them knew that Smoking is a risk factor for stroke.

Current research in the field of addiction found that the insular cortex plays a significant role in getting pleasure from drugs.

It is known that smokers are victims of stroke is two to three times more often than non-smokers, but if they quit, it will return to normal risk after five years.

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