Some myths about nutrition

Currently, many people are fond of healthy, fully balanced meal. A healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition will help to keep you healthy and young body is a generally recognized fact. The main feature of a healthy diet - you need not a lot of food, and more nutrients.

Is it possible to get fat from sugar?

The relationship between obesity and sugar consumption has not been proven. You can get fat no from sweet tea, namely from an overabundance of calories. If you eat less and move more, the chance to gain extra pounds is considerably reduced. By the way, alcohol is more negative impact on the body than sugar. So try to eat less fatty, and any problems with excess weight is never overtaken.

The harm of salt

In our days, salt is a prohibition for the cores. But modern scholars believe that salt is a very important element in the process of metabolism. Optimal daily rate is five to six grams. And if you have high blood pressure, try not much overdo the food.

Whether sweeteners to lose weight?

Not at all. You will not be able to fool your body. When the stomach will feel a sweet taste, it will immediately send a signal to the brain: "I Want more!" It is very difficult to break this vicious circle. And your cellulite will be ineffective.

Harmful food - canned?

Canned meat is harmful, and fish - rather harmless. In the manufacture of canned large bones become softer and more edible. It turns out that your body opens up another source of calcium. Daily allowance of calcium per share adult - fifteen hundred mg.

GMOs leads to serious health problems

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Sufficient evidence is not available. But more realistic to pick up Salmonella than poisoned genetically modified potatoes.

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