Some mushrooms are a great source of vitamin D

Scientists from the USA have found that eating mushrooms that are rich in vitamin D2, also useful as a vitamin complexes or additives. Experts from the medical College at Boston University argue that to maintain and increase levels of 25(HO)D (the abbreviated name of the 25-hydroxy-cholecalciferol), you need to eat mushrooms. It should be noted that under 25(HO)D assumes an intermediate metabolic product of vitamin D. it is possible to judge how healthy a person bone, and whether the mentioned lack of vitamin in the body.

In the scientific work involved 30 healthy adults and people. All participants were divided into two groups, one of which was given once per day 2000 IU of vitamin D for three months, and the participants of the second group, the researchers were given 2000 IU extract from mushrooms with a high content of the above-mentioned vitamin.

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The host mushroom extract volunteers weekly blood analysis on the concentration of 25(HO)D. the Experiment found that the presence of a metabolite of vitamin D increased and remained unchanged for seven weeks after the end of the study. Previous research has shown that vitamin D2 increases the degree of concentration of 25(HO)D.

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