Some drugs against migraine reduce the IQ of the child

The U.S. Agency for quality control of food and drug administration (FDA) reports that the popular drugs against migraine negatively affect the brain of the unborn child, lowering his IQ. These drugs are also used as medicine to relieve cramps, and their main active ingredient is valproic acid. The most dangerous period of their application is the first three months of pregnancy and the nursing period. But this is not always worrying and stop future or young mothers who suffer from migraines.

It should be recalled that under the migraine refers to a special kind of headache that is accompanied by visual disturbances, nausea, fear of light. It is estimated that women are almost twice as likely to suffer from migraines. When there is an attack, the patient is ready to do anything to get rid of these pains, which delivers migraine. Spring and summer migraine aggravated, and scientists cause the phenomenon is more long days of light and the brightness of the light of the sun.

The fact that valproic acid and its salts adversely affect the child's intelligence, became known in 2009. Now the FDA has confirmed the harmful effects from the drugs in her content on children's intelligence, based on studies of mothers who during pregnancy took this medicine. There was a study that proved that the degree of harm done to the child depends on the dose valproic acid: the higher the dose, the more detrimental effects mentioned acid on the brain. Experts FDA again recommend that pregnant women and nursing mothers should refrain from taking drugs against migraine content valproic acid.

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