Some bad habits benefit the human body

Recently conducted by American psychologists study found that bad habits can benefit the body. Under the habit refers to repetitive action, which often is unconscious. Experts from the University of southern California believe that the habit does not require comprehension and automatically. So the brain perceives it as a holiday. The human psyche is only wins because in such moments of relaxation brain reboots and starts to better understand, which is particularly useful in critical situations for making operational decisions.

In their study, the researchers observed the students during one semester. It turned out that in times of stress addiction stimulate brain activity and become an auxiliary mechanism for the solution of difficult problems. The theme of good from bad habits being studied by scientists for the first time. For example, according to some experts, a habit not to contain his anger may have a positive impact on health. This opinion is due to the fact that giving an outlet for their anger, the person is better to control blood pressure, as a violent reaction to what is happening in the body produces less of the stress hormone cortisol, while trying to keep their negative emotions of people, its level rises and causes harm to the body.

However, various studies in this area have already established that gambling saves man from depression, excessive passion for computer games improves real currency, the habit of cursing makes the pain more tolerable, but too lazy and shirking from doing things around the house can protect against allergies.

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