Soluble painkillers can lead to strokes

There is a whole group of drugs that are taken in a soluble form. It turns out that they consist of salt, the concentration of which exceeds considerably the content of the drug, writes The Daily Mail. People who often use the "effervescent" aspirin, ibuprofen or aspirin have an increased risk of stroke. This figure stands at around 22%. In addition, increased risk of premature death.

The recommended dose of salt to 6 grams per day. Scientists note that some medications contain in a single tablet dose of salt in excess of one and a half times. The scientific community believes that must be placed on product labels warning about the associated harm. Patients when possible, you should go to traditional pills washed down with water.

The data were confirmed during the seven years of the study. Scientists observed the people who regularly used a soluble form of painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. It turned out that salt, which is contained in the drugs, increases the risk of heart attacks by 16%, and the risk of stroke by 22%.

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Salt is not as secure as it might seem at first glance. Fashion salty and spicy food has led to the fact that people every day exceeds the rate of consumption several times. For example, in one sandwich can contain up to 4 grams of salt, and a business lunch contains up to seven at a rate of 6 grams a day.

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