Solarium provokes the development of skin cancer

The most aggressive form of skin cancer in the unanimous opinion of scientists is melanoma. It turned out that regular visits to tanning salons, tanning studios, increases the risk of developing this disease by 75 percent.

According to the American center for disease control, if you use ultraviolet lamps to obtain tanning before age 35, the risk of developing melanoma flies to the limit. As you know tanning is a protective reaction of an organism on too strong ultraviolet rays, but its appearance is a sign because the damage has already been done.

Most at risk according to statistics are light-skinned girls aged 18 to 21 years, frequent visitor tanning. Scientists have long claimed that the sun is contraindicated for the body, but could not find enough compelling arguments for the hardcore fashionistas.

Do not think that a long session of tanning under natural sunlight will be more useful, is the harm to the ultraviolet light, and not only sunlamps. While sunscreen should have a protection factor of at least 15, and its composition to block UVB rays and UVA.

Doctors advise is not for a long time under the sun in the summer, especially in the morning from 10 to two hours of the day, and try to cover the exposed parts of the body with clothing and wearing sun glasses. However, excessive attempts to avoid direct sunlight will not benefit ,as we know vitamin D in the body is produced only in sunlight.

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