Soda provokes the development of diabetes and heart disease

Recent studies have shown that fans of the soda - diet soda may face an increased risk of developing diabetes and heart disease, but scientists soon disproved this assumption, noting that the main culprit of the disease may become all the diet as a whole.

Statistical analysis revealed that fans of sugary drinks are more likely to suffer from high blood sugar and high blood pressure, so they tried to correlate the level of drinks consumed and the risk of heart attack.

Power data from more than 4,000 U.S. residents aged 18 to 30 years for 20 years were analyzed by researcher J. Kiana Duffy of the University of North Carolina.

It was found that 87 people from the group have developed metabolic syndrome, and that they drank soda more often than other participants. The same low risk of developing this syndrome (factors of diabetes, such as unhealthy cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, high sugar levels) was among those who did not drink soda at all, and stuck to the diet with fruits, vegetables, cereals and fish. Moreover, the adherents of a healthy diet, which however did not deny himself to soda pop, too, had a higher chance of developing the syndrome.

The group with the highest risk of the disease is 32 percent held "classic Western diet, i.e. eating a lot of meat, sugar, processed foods and drinking soda. A large factor in the predisposition to the disease course has been the weight of the person, but even he did not increase the chance of developing diabetes as the power scheme, which participants adhered to.

The author of the study said that the main culprit of developing diabetes and heart disease considers the whole diet, not just sweet soda. Zometa soda on other drinks will not save you from the risk, if you stick to the rest of the wrong diet.

To date, the metabolic syndrome is observed in almost one-third of the U.S. population, and animal studies have shown that artificial sweeteners increase appetite and ultimately lead to overweight.

And although scientists insist that to blame the soda until it as part of an unhealthy diet contributes a significant contribution to the likelihood of unwanted syndromes.

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