Soda provokes children to aggressive behavior

Children who consume more than a liter of soda a day are two times more aggressive. Such children tend to engage in conflict with their peers and older, more likely to fight, to spoil someone else's toys. They find bad contact with others, have problems remembering new information and focus on specific learning objects.

Excessive consumption of soda is one of the causes of aggression and violations of attention in children, says Shakira, Suglia, the journal of Pediatrics.

She first discovered this link. The degree of aggression depends on the number of used soda. Other scientists say that soda is a drink that has enough of substances, each of which can modify the behavior. But the present study focuses on the effects of soda as a whole. One of the main factors causing excessive aggression in children, it may be the caffeine, which is contraindicated for children under 7 years.

The study was conducted with the participation of about 3 thousand children five years of age who were selected for an experiment in the twenty largest cities in America. Mothers of the children were given a questionnaire consisting of three parts. First it was necessary to mention the amount of soda per day, the second is to describe the daily behavior of the child. The third part was required to describe the negative factors that could affect the child's behavior outside of the experiment (a deterioration in the financial circumstances of the parents, getting one of the family members in prison).

So, the results of the experiment have yielded fruit. Soda in most cases was one of the causes of child aggression. Especially dangerous is the consumption of more than a liter a day. Children aggression can become a habit and can be transported more adult stages of life. Failure to contact with the outside world, deterioration of education, poor attention - all this may be the result of excessive consumption of soda.

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In addition, previously, scientists had established that the harmful effects of carbonated drinks: they were to some extent a cause of diabetes, urinary stone disease, tooth decay, heart disease.

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