Soda makes children aggressive

Five cans of soda a day make teenagers more aggressive toward peers, these are the conclusions of scientists from Vermont University in the United States. The researchers found that even those adolescents who drink two cans of soda per week, more aggressive to their friends. Well, those who drink more than 14 cans behave violently and aggressively twice as often in relation to their brothers, friends or juniors.

Scientists do not yet know the exact cause of this phenomenon is likely to blame sugar or other ingredients carbonated drinks.

The researchers interviewed 2,000 students from Boston schools in age from 14 to 18 years. They tried to find out how many cans of soda per day drinking teen and asked how often they manifest violence or aggression towards peers. The results showed that 43 percent of Teens who drank more than 14 cans of soda per week, tend to carry a knife, gun, compared with 23 percent among those who drank less soda.

Fans of soda also twice as likely to be violent, 53% versus 35.

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Likely cause of sugar or caffeine in soft drinks, whatever it was, parents and the school should think about reducing the consumption of soda disciples, at least within the walls of educational institutions.

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