Soda is more harmful than tobacco

A sugar-sweetened beverages are the largest source of sugar in the diet of the U.S. population, the average American drinks 50 gallons of soda per year. The tax increase on soda at one penny per ounce will not only reduce the level of obesity in the country, but also will reduce the cost of healthcare for diabetics, also it will add 10 years to the budget of more than $ 150 billion.

However, despite the fact that the industry that produces soda drinks are also harmful as tobacco, it does not recognize the threat. While 20 States are considering the adoption of additional taxes on soda, the manufacturers claim that this decision - discrimination harmless product, because the government should not tell people that they are.

Public opinion also does not agree with the views of the government, as in the case of cigarettes, the inhabitants against additional taxes, manufacturers of soda ready to start antialgae company.

Reduction of sugary drinks may be thousands of reasons - increased aggressiveness from them in children, the risk of diabetes and obesity, however, manufacturers have paid for the research, according to which scientists have found no harm from the soda to the human body. This research is the main arguments in a dispute with the government.

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