Regular consumption of carbonated sugary drinks has a close relationship with the sleep deprivation and other sleep disorders. Talking about this doctors in the scientific article from the journal Sleep Health.

Study author Aric Prather from the University of California in San Francisco (USA), along with his colleagues conducted surveillance of a group of 19 thousand persons in the period from 2005 to 2012. Volunteers during this time tested regularly and have passed a medical examination.

It turned out that the use of large quantities of soda and coffee cans reduces the average duration of sleep up to five or six hours a day. This clearly is not enough for a good rest.

"We think that in this case there is positive feedback, in which the habit to consume sugary drinks and not sleep reinforce each other. Because of this people very difficult to refuse from this bad habit. Our data show that the epidemic of drinking soda, obesity and diabetes can be combated by improving people's sleep," says Prater in his article.

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