Soda damage tooth enamel for 30 seconds - the scientists

Even one SIP of soda can cause serious adverse side effects tooth enamel. At special risk are children, in which the enamel has not yet had time to form. The study by researchers from the University of Adelaide (Australia) argues: drinks with a high concentration of sugars can for 30 seconds to affect the enamel. Data published by Science World Report.

Dentists are often faced with the erosion of teeth in their patients. Often the pathology is detected too late, when the doctor is unable to help. Erosion typically occurs in people who are paying the oral hygiene is not enough time, or drink every day sweet soda. Especially dangerous erosion for kids. In childhood, the formation of teeth and tooth enamel. That is why doctors say a triple threat against children.

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Fizzy drinks with a high concentration of sugar is enough 30 seconds to start damage to the enamel. Soda has a high acidity, which allows her to easily react with the tissues of the tooth. Doctors advise to protect children from lemonade, even at an early age. These drinks are better to replace natural juices without sugar and fresh fruit.

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